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I’m updating my acting resume for an audition tomorrow

The special skills section is a tricky beast. It’s what sets you apart, and shows off your unique qualities. In school, we were even encouraged to pick up new and quirky skills to fill the section with. The only caveat was that you better be able to do anything listed in that section if a director asked you to at an audition. Don’t say you can ride a unicycle if you can’t, because with your luck, the next room you audition in could have a unicycle lying in the corner and the director will want to see you ride it for shits and giggles, and you’ll do it, because you want this job, but you’ll fall off and break your head open and die because you’re a liar.

So in attempt to show my personality in my resume, I’m really debating adding “crying on public transportation” in my special skills. I’m just not sure if the auditors would find it funny and ballsy, or think that I’m too unstable to take on. I’d feel like a real dumbass if I’d have to go around telling people “Yeah, I almost booked it, but they got uncomfortable when I told them I was okay with crying on the bus sometimes.” But quirky-sad is so fetch right now!

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